Program Overview

Convenient and High Quality Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment Delivered to You!

A mental health and/or substance abuse treatment program that is centered around your schedule and convenience. We provide intensive addiction and/or mental health treatment to you at the comfort of your home, office or wherever you might be through video conferencing technology. Our addiction program treats all types of substance abuse disorders including opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines, hypnotics, sedatives and stimulants. Our physicians are experts in the field of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with buprenorphine (suboxone, subutex) and we are the only program to provide a telehealth medical detox program. We also provide intensive mental health treatment for a wide range of disorders including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorders, eating disorders. For chronic pain sufferers using opioid medications, we have pain management specialists who provide advanced non narcotic treatment and will help you wean down usage of opioids. Our intensive group and individual therapy sessions integrate cognitive behavioral therapies and are designed to be fully interactive and engaging. We emphasize peer to peer support and help you develop such long term bonds with current and past program members. You can choose between three treatment programs; our substance abuse tract, our mental health tract or dual diagnosis tract that treats both substance abuse and mental health.

Who should use Medicus

  • Employees who wish to obtain substance abuse and/or mental health treatment but do not want to disrupt their home or work life
  • Injured workers suffering from pain who have been treated with narcotics/opioids and want to reduce reliance on these medications
  • Health plan members looking for alternatives to residential, outpatient or office treatment programs
  • People in rural communities with poor access to treatment programs or specialist physicians
  • People with transportation difficulties
  • Anyone with a drug and alcohol addiction who can use the internet and a computer, tablet or smart phone and prefers treatment at the comfort of their home

Treatment through live bi directional video

Video Conference -Obtain treatment using your computer, table or even mobile smart phone with a webcam over the internet.
  • Don’t have access to internet, a webcam, computer or tablet? WWe will provide you with all the necessary equipment and even internet service so you may start treatment immediately.
  • Advantages of Medicus

    No traveling -You will never have to travel to residential, outpatient or office based program to obtain treatment. Our doctors, therapists come live directly to you via bi directional video wherever in the world you are.

    No waiting -There is no waiting list. You can begin your treatment right away.
    Minimal impact on home and work schedule-You can get treatment in the convenience of your own home at your schedule. This means you can continue working with minimal disruption and enjoy the support of your friends and family while obtaining treatment.
    Less anxiety than rehab centers - High quality treatment in your own environment, surrounded by familiar comforts
    Lower cost -Fraction of the cost of traditional programs
    Safety -Your safety is our top priority. Multiple treatment safety mechanisms in place
    More doctor visits – Three times the amount of physician visits compared with traditional programs