Work Comp

Work Comp

Injured workers suffer from chronic pain syndrome and related issues such as depression and anxiety. Many of these employees have been managed on opioid pain medications at high doses for prolonged periods of time and are at significant risk for opioid addiction and abuse. To be compliant with new practice standards, these employees need a program to help them wean down excessive opioid usage, provide alternative pain management therapies and address their co occurring mental health issues.

Medicus offers a unique cost effective Functional Restoration Program (FRP) that utilizes the services of addictionologists, psychiatrists, pain management specialists, psychologists, therapists, counselors and case management specialists. We specialize in cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) to address both pain and mental health issues. Our intensive multidisciplinary approach has a tract record of proven efficacy that significantly reduces opioid usage while successfully treating pain.

Because transportation is a significant barrier to treatment for many injured workers, our convenient telehealth platform means that they can receive treatment in the comfort of their home with no need for an in office visit. In fact, most workers can continue working while receiving treatment with minimal disruption to work or home life.

We have been providing medical services to work comp carriers and their provider networks for over a decade. Let us show you how our services can help increase quality of care and compliance while significantly reducing treatment cost.

Because proactive intervention is the most cost effective treatment option with the highest long term efficacy, we also provide advanced data analytics to evaluate for employees at high risk of substance abuse or mental health disorders; this proactive approach allows us to intervene and treat disorders sooner before small problems become costly and complex. 

Best of all, employees do not need to be absent from work to receive treatment. Our program works around their work schedule and treatment is delivered to them wherever they are, rural or urban, national or international