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Medicus offers highly effective substance abuse and mental health treatment to enrollees of government health plans at significant cost savings. We have been serving the veteran and Medicaid populations for nearly a decade with quality behavioral and mental health services. In fact, we are the only provider to have performed clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of telehealth treatment for substance abuse in the Medicaid population. Our convenient platform means that members in any geography can have access to advanced treatment.

  • Treatment Anywhere Anytime
    Through Medicus, for the first time, any enrollee at any location can access a complete spectrum of mental health and substance abuse services at their convenience. Even members living in remote rural locations can now have full access to specialists and treatment without a wait or any travel
  • No Waiting
    Treatment may begin immediately with no waiting period. A welcome relief for enrollees who have had to wait months for treatment before
  • Tailored Program
    Each government health plan has its unique demographic population with particular social, economic and cultural sensitivities and barriers to treatment. The treatment program at Medicus can be specifically tailored to the population specifics of each type of health program which leads to higher program satisfaction rates and higher success rates
  • Data Supported Efficacy
    Medicus superior efficacy and safety has been demonstrated in published clinical trials using Medicaid study participants. Efficacy rate is 4x higher than the national average. Even enrollees with significant mental health disorders and lack of familiarity with technology have been proven to complete the program successfully with excellent long term results
  • Cost Savings
    Treatment cost is a fraction of the national average, resulting in significant savings for government agencies with a limited budget. Lower program cost means more enrollees can benefit from treatment than possible before
  • Assured Quality
    No matter what state an enrollee is located, the quality of treatment remains standardized and high caliber
  • Privacy
    Enrollees are assured privacy and may choose to be anonymously treated from other members

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